Know your Risks and Vulnerabilities

This three hour training exercise / drill will help test and build your preparedness for threats and hazards.

Give your team not only the opportunity to act and respond, but also the ability to learn and grow

Scenario-driven and designed to exercise specific team members, procedures, and resources to meet an emergency.

Identify capability gaps, resource extents, strengths, areas of improvement, and industry best practices.

Test and validate your emergency response readiness, plans, policies, procedures, and capabilities.



Created to reduce flight departments workload to prepare, plan, and run a real-life emergency scenario. 

Set a time and date for your team members to conduct this exercise. Plan for a minimum of 3 hours to complete this exercise. Estimated completion time for the Emergency Response Exercise: 3 hours. This time may vary based on the organization’s size and scope. 

Invite your Emergency Response Plan (ERP) team members. Participants in this exercise should include all personnel with primary and alternate roles in your organization’s ERP. Be sure to include third-party vendors, corporate departments, and anyone else who would be an asset during a real emergency.

Before conducting this exercise, ensure your ERP Manual is ready and up-to-date.

Educate and review emergency response roles and procedures (Completed during Emergency Response Training Course).

Assign an ERP Leader. Extra content and resources will be provided to this individual for additional learning opportunities. This individual will also be in charge of creating a manifest from Los Angeles, CA (KLAX) to Janesville, WI (KJVL). All required information will be provided.


Would your flight department be ready to tackle an emergency tomorrow?

Having a well-rehearsed, unified, and knowledgeable team is key during an emergency.

This course is designed to be hands on and engaging for either virtual or in-person scenario-based training. 

Animated characters, phone calls, and videos simulate the responses and actions required by the team.

After the completion of the course an ERP Exercise certificate will issued to the organization.



Save $100 when you enroll now. Discounts are valid until December 14, 2020.

The course will be active December 15, 2020 at 10am central. After December 15th, the course will be ready to complete at your leisure. You will be able to start and pause the course as needed.

Be sure to check your email for reminders about course activity.

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Company Emergency Response Training and Exercise Bundle

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This course will allows up to 20 individuals in the same company full access to the course with individual certificates. To register each company representative, please email [email protected] with the following information:

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Emergency Response Exercise- Aircraft Accident

This plan is intended for one company enrollment. If you have any question please email [email protected]